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    Default Can I Legally Steal a House

    Hi everyone. A year ago , person X gave me a power of attorney, notarized by the state of california. In the power of attorney, it states that i can buy sell rent any of person X's property. Person X added to the contract that i may not sell or borrow against the 5 properties in the state of North Dakota; however, person X didn't say that i could not transfer those properties into my name. Can i legally put those properties in my name?

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    Default Re: Can I Legally Steal a House

    You are kidding right?

    Do you enjoy prison?

    Just because you have a power of attorney that permits certain things does not mean you are authorized to do them for personal gain.

    Is person x totally incompetent? Must be to give you such a power of attorney.

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    Default Re: Can I Legally Steal a House

    No, not even in North Dakota.

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    Default Re: Can I Legally Steal a House

    Depending on the wording of the Power of Attorney. You maybe able to with the properties in California.

    But it all depends on the type of Power of Attorney.

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