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    Default Payment Issue

    Hello. I have a problem and I will try to explain that with my limited English.

    A week ago I get an account from a soft-porn site that my friend linked it.
    I thought that was free anyway. Now I am getting spam mails about I will get files against me on court of law. So do I need to pay ?

    The message is

    U n i t e d P a y m e n t L i m i t e d Am Buchhorst 34, 14478 Potsdam Companies Register: United Kingdom Phone : 49 (0)331 - 8171600Fax : 49 (0)331- 8171602 E-Mail: info@**************.com C u s t o m e r Email: ..... IP address: .....Provider:*. Date: 14.07.2009 Invoice dated: 28.06.2009 Reference: CBSE-RAQ4 LAST COLLECTION NOTICE for 30 days softly erotic membership **************.com Dear Customer, Apparently you have forgotten to pay our outstanding invoice. Regrettably, no payment has been made to our account. If you have already made payment, then please disregard this collection notice.Should we fail to receive payment, then we will have to assume that fraud has been committed and will as necessary file charges against person(s) unknown having the IP address ..... and whose provider is *. On the basis of this information, the prosecutorís office will be able to identify the telephone connection from which our service was purchased. You will be responsible for any costs incurred. If we do not see that you have made payment within the next few days, then we will turn the matter over to our legal department, an action that will incur additional costs for you. You purchased: ________________________________________Ö Service: 30 days softly erotic membership **************.com No. CBSE-RAQ4 Net amount: 47,79 EUR plus 19% VAT: 11,21 EUR Delinquency fee net: 16,20 EUR plus 19% VAT: 3,80 EUR ________________________________________Ö Total amount: 79,- EUR Please transfer the outstanding amount of 79,- EUR incl. 19% VAT within 7 business days to the following account: Account Holder: United Payment Limited IBAN: DE26 1604 0000 0135 0545 01BIC-/SWIFT-Code: COBADEFF160Reference: CBSE-RAQ4 Bank: Commerzbank PotsdamAddress: Karl-Liebknecht-Str.24 Postcode/City: 14482 PotsdamCountry: Germany Pay with Credit Cart:http://payment.**************.com You purchased this 30 days membership www.**************.com by email on:28.06.2009 Time 02:24:06. Your IP address, the time the agreement was concluded and the providerís name *.were stored on our server at the time of purchase. You accepted the following: * By clicking the button "Click now" you agree to buy 30 days membership access at **************.com. The one-time price for this 30 days access is 59 ,- EUR including statutory value-added tax. The above information is clearly displayed on our website www.**************.com. To preclude someone from unknowingly making use of this service, we sent you a confirmation email in which you clicked the confirmation link to activate our soft erotic content. We ask you to pay the invoice, it is an unique ammount. After payment entrance and expiration of the time the contractual relationship between us is finished.A cancellation of membership is not necessary. Thank you very much. Sincerely, United Payment LimitedAm Buchhorst 3414478 PotsdamGermany United Payment Limited Accounting Legal Venue: Birmingham District Court Email: info@**************.com Legal Venue: Birmingham Phone : 49 (0)331 - 8171600Fax : 49 (0)331- 8171602

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    Default Re: Payment Issue

    Read the thread here.

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    Default Re: Payment Issue

    Thanks for answer but I would make some thing more clear. When I was registered there was nothing about that 59 euro issue nor that sign up box with account and password.And I am 21 so totally legal. But my experiences that I have gained after 10 years with using payment download sites or game sites (Not porn this happens first time and I doN't pay for it) I never seen a site like that wants payment from e mail. And I don't know is that legal that burry that 59 euro thing into terms&issues box.

    So as you can see my english isn't perfect and I haven't understood a little of that topic you posted. I am sorry again for bothering you but Do I need to pay that or not ? And this subject woulbe cause a problem at my future life ?

    Thank you again...

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