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    Default How to Access Medical Records for My Child

    I'm in Arizona. I need to get the medical records for my little girl. I am not on the birth certificate. My ex and I were married and still living together when my little girl was conceived. Six months later, my ex left. There is an Arizona law stating I am the father and have every right to the records. How can I get them. The hospital says something about the hippa law, and that I have to get a paternity test. My ex has Order of Protection against me. I need them sooner than later. Thanks for your help.

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    Default Re: Medical Records for My Little Girl

    you are going to have to prove you are the father. If mom ever applied for any welfare, the courts should have demanded a determination of paternity which should have proven you to be the father.

    Since you are not on the BC, there is not a real fast quick easy way to prove you are the father without the courts having already required a determination, as spoken of above.

    you may simply have to take the time to establish paternity.

    if this is for a serious need, you may be able to ask the courts to order the records be released to you without a full blown determination but even that will take some time.

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