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    Default How Do I Handle Personal Property Left Behind

    My question involves personal property located in the State of: Indiana

    My girlfriend and I broke up and she moved out the end of last year, but even though she had keys and was in/ out of the house for months did not remove all of her personal property. I finally moved it into storage and gave her the key. At the end of the month, she told me she didn't want the stuff. I left it another month to be sure but when I didn't hear from her, I had someone go in and clean it out (the stuff is still safe- had not been disposed of when I found out she wanted it back). The last day of that second month, she did change her mind and went by the storage unit to get it, but it was already removed. I have offered to have it returned to the storage unit of her choice or her home. She agreed to lease another storage unit and contact me with the info by a certain date but has not done so. Things are heated at this point and I do not want to have conversations with her- just get her stuff to her and be done. What legal options do I have?

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    Default Re: How Do I Handle Personal Property Left Behind

    tell her to tell you what to do with it

    leave it as is and follow the laws for abandoned property so you can dispose of it eventually, legally.

    just be sure you document everything if you chose the latter.

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