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    Default Being sued for credit card debt in PA

    I am being sued for some personal credit card debt by a third party collection agency. I have tried to work out payment arrangements with them many many times, but nothing I ever offered was good enough. I am currently unemployed and the only asset I have is my home (which is a joint asset--my huband and I). So, what should I expect from the hearing??? If they get a judgment, what can happen after that? Should I get a lawyer?

    Thanks in advance for any help! I'm scared to death!

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    Default Sued By Collection Agency

    If you have no valid defense, they will likely obtain a judgment, followed by an attempt to collect the judgment through garnishment of your bank accounts, periodic garnishment of your paycheck, seizure and sale of your assets (execution), or some other means of collection.

    If you have a great deal of debt, you may wish to talk to a bankruptcy lawyer about your situation. Time is running out before major changes to the bankruptcy code become effective, which may significantly affect your rights and remedies in bankruptcy.

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    PA does not allow wage garnishment, so that's one less thing to worry about.

    If your home is deeded as 'tenancy by entirety', then, per PA law, your home may be exempt from seizure due to debts of only one party.

    You have exemptions available to you should a judgment be rendered against you, but you must make sure you claim those exemptions. These will likely protect most, if not all, of your personal property. Bank accounts are easy targets, so if you have a joint account with someone, that person needs to get his/her own account asap.

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    I am going through the same thing with a credit card debt of $1,500. I tried to make payment arrangemnts and respondd to the sue, but today I recieved a letter for motion for judgemnt on the pleadings, granting them judgment against me, I am unemployed homescoolong my three kids, my husband is the only one workin,
    i own nothing, no bank accounts,home,car,etc, will i have to go to jail, please help

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