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    Default How Can CYS Ignore Neglect of Children

    In Blair County , Pa.
    A child less than a month from the age of 4 taken to the ER for Medical proof even thou 3 different people washed this childs head and picked out all the fleas and there was actually 1 extra witness to fleas through childs head ! Bite marks were so noted at the ER the fact that child was still in pampers not even a pull up and had a diaper rash on her bottom also Cradle cap spots all over the childs head more proof of neglect and shoes that were placed on the child when she left for this visit with her daddy had dog feces inside them and had chew marks all over them also were shown at the Hospital ER to the DR. it wa also reported that the Child did not respond that day to people talking to her other than by making barking noises at them ! also with in the next few days it has been so noted that this child did not know colors numbers or ABC's so in less than a week her father has her speaking very clearly and is teaching her numbers and letters and colors with a small inprovement ! Also the fact that Natural Mother had stated she had ben on the run staying away from her own home for at leat 3 days prior to July 5th to stay away from her abusive boyfriend because he was drinking and had tried to ram her head through the wall several times !
    The child has not even cried for her mother !

    The Father had to request the CYS to be called for the report as to know wether he was to keep her or return her to the envirement he was told not to return her and CYS would do an emergency home inspection !
    Which they did not do They did an inspection 3 days later !
    which after they seemed like they turned on this Father when all he was requesting was that the
    1. Natural Mother would clean the home AND KEEP CLEAN
    2. Flea bomb the home and the animals (3 Big sized dogs )
    3. Request that the fighting the Natural mother had explained to him was going on would be stopped in front of his daughter even thou he would rather mother would kick out the abusive boy friend he knew that was not some thing he could make her do
    4 . No more drinking in front of his daughter
    5. Show some thing to prove she was going to attempt to work with the child to help her with toilet training
    6 Attempt to get help with the childs learning of the colors , number, and the alphabet !
    7. Make clean stable envirement , stop negecting child in several ways , Help the child with learning normal learning abilities at this age and stopping abusive issue that were happening in front of this child
    Are normal issues for Child Services to help ensure instead of doing thier best to Cover for the Mother !

    What is happening to Children and youth services when they are not looking out to ensure the health , saftey and well being of a child ?

    Yes there is a hearing Custody /partail - Visitation an several hours Between Mother and father
    Father still has the child but he is so afraid they will make him give her back with out making mother straighten up her life and the childs envirement ! This father has always said that he has always felt that a little girl needed her mother but he also wants mother to straighten up for the benefit of the little girl !
    This mother has not got a GED or a diploma
    drivers license she has done nothing to benefit her own life let alone a childs life ! She survives on welfare benefits !
    Even though this Father is some on that is on SSI for ADD and ADHD he has tried to work ha graduated and recieved a CDL license and trys to maintain
    jobs ! He has greatly improved his life and always been a decent father when he has been allowed by N Mother to be a part of this childs life
    He has handed cash over 1000.00 in 1 month for help supporting his daughter he supplied all the aby furniture , He has supplied transportation for mother and child when his daughter mother has asked him to ! for shopping and Dr visits and other errands and visits to relatives !

    In this situation it is clear that CYS should be standing tall behind this father to save a child
    Why are they not doing thier Job properly
    also 1 more thing how can a CYS worker look at some one and ask them when being shown a pair of shoes that was on this child that had dog feces (that was shown to DR. at ER even when Dr stated how gross that was )
    in them look at some and say oh how do you know that is not mud ?????

    What is happening to the system that is suppose to help the children ??????
    Even the lacking of the Gov. funding does not explain these issues ???

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    Lightbulb Re: How Can Cys Ignore Neglect of Children

    You can read more about CYS responsibilities here

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    Default Re: How Can Cys Ignore Neglect of Children

    I do not need to read that I already know they are to be responsible to do what they say they will do whan a childs life is invovled ! But I will read any ways !
    They are suppose to be there for the children not to protect the neglectful parent !
    I already know this for 35 years ago I was a Child that was placed in foster Homes because of a spiteful CYS worker and falsified information and yes that is not a false statement !
    CYS are not allowed to lie even thou in this case they are like they have in many other cases ! They say immediate Emergency inspection that means with in 24 hours not 72 hours and with out notification mean not letter no phone call for warning to be given !
    Look how many children they have placed back with a neglectful parent and then the child ends up deceased !

    I just know there is a hearing right now and if the Court really look out for this child in question they will reconize when they are being lied to by there own County workers and deal with it accordingly ! They will allow this child to stay with The Natural Father until mother is treated for her
    for the lack of care she has been supplying for her daughter and the mental unstability possible depression ,she evidently has from the live in boy friend and program should have to be put in place for evaluations for this child are in order for the learning or lack of it !

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    Arrow Re: How Can CYS Ignore Neglect of Children

    Why are you yelling at me? I am TRYING to help you.
    Do you have a question you would like answered or did you just come here to vent your frustrations?

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    Default Re: How Can CYS Ignore Neglect of Children

    I am not yelling I am stating facts, and as expected the Courts did infact listen to the CYS and ordered for the return of the said child to be returned to the neglecting mother as I had stated because they waited for 3 days for the home visit even thou the CYS supervisor stated that she informed the mother of the oder & stains all over the Carpet !
    more proof the Judge seemed to over look ! Papers are going to be filled out to the proper athorities against CYS and The Judicail Misconduct board for the facts were all before the courts and they refused papers , animal feces in shoes and all witness were not allowed to testify! other than CYS which is totally unjustied in thier neglecting thier Jobs !

    Where is the world headed when the proper steps are taken and people in authority are allowed to go against the legal standards of the law and allow neglect of a child to be placed back in this ignoranct hidious health hazardous enviroment ?????

    Even with Hospital report ! The neglect of the Judge to listen and comply with the safety of the Child !

    Where esle can one turn for help when authorities fail thier authority and responsibilities of thier Jobs!

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    Lightbulb Re: How Can CYS Ignore Neglect of Children

    Seriously - calm down. When stating facts you should end your sentences with a period. Re-read what you have posted. Do you notice all of your exclamation points? That is construed as yelling and it is rude.

    If you want to get ANY help from the officials in charge of this child's case I STRONGLY urge you to show them more respect than you have displayed here.

    You should start by contacting
    Blair County Children and Youth Services
    Blair County Courthouse
    423 Allegheny Street, Suite 132
    Hollidaysburg, PA 16648
    (814) 693-3130

    If they can not (or will not) point you in the right direction - again - check your attitude. From there you may wish to move up their chain of command and try The main Human Services office - located at 20 South 69th Street, Upper Darby, PA 19082 or the Legal Services Office: Government Center, Room G-20, 201 West Front Street, Media PA 19063 610-891-5104.

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    Default Re: How Can CYS Ignore Neglect of Children

    That is the number 693 3130 we already have thet is the number of the one not responding to the legalities of presents of all the different neglects, that was the ones suppose to be helping to begin with.
    Thank you
    any ways we have obtained some other numbers with authorities and already have papers and address to turn in a report against the judge when witness are present to testify to what they have observed and hospital papers are present from Hospital reports they are to be considered for a decision ,what they seen and papers are written up for the Courts to make a fair decision are totally refused this is unjustifiable.
    I was never told exclamation points ment yelling before so if you felt that then I apologize. I use them quite alot

    But really if I were yelling wouldn't I have a reason to be when this little girl acts like a dog , runs back and forth by the door making barking noises and rolling over repeatedly sniffing the floor like she is looking for food like a Dog does ! head was full of fleas with eggs and bug bites document by a Hospital Dr. at the age of almost 4 in two weeks still wearing pampers and with documented diaper rash , Craddle Cap

    No CYS worker doing there job properly would have the right to back her mother for her to return home to that envirement she was just last few days coming out of the shell they had her mind in! Now she has to return to that. Court Ordered.......
    she was being worked with by the people that loved her to try to help her learn colors alphabet and numbers ! some that have observed wanted to see about testing for autism or terretts syndrome but I feel with just the week that she was in Loving caring enviroment she may have some issue but can learn and was starting to act more like a little girl than a dog. also had start the pull ups and showing her a potty !

    Thanks again!

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