My question involves emancipation laws for the State of: Kansas

Tomorrow my Fiance, her father, and I are going to the courthouse to file for emancipation.

Just to get all of this out of the way, and because I already saw at LEAST 3 on this board, WE ARE NOT PREGNANT TEENAGERS, we are planning this as carefully and responsibly as we can, are on birth control, and our ideal plan before getting married is to move in together, and make absolutely certain that we CAN hold down bills, support ourselves comfortably, and most importantly get along in constant contact and close quarters.

We are 15 and 16, and because of her mothers seemingly recent decline in mental health, and emotional abuse, rather than wait until next year as we had originally agreed to, she is going to file for emancipation tomorrow, along with her father and I.

I need to know what they are going to throw at us, what's going to happen, and overall what to expect. She IS employed, healthy and level headed, good student, no records of any kind, and we're both incredibly nervous..

Any help you can provide us with would be very much appreciated.