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    Default Filing an I-485 With a Foreign Drug Conviction

    i've resently married an american citizen, i got my crime report from the uk and on it i've got a possesion of anphetemine on it. how will this stand when i go for my green card. it was 12yrs ago and under 1gram. i got a fine of 120pounds for it.
    is this the end the line as far as getting a green card is concerned?
    do the us gov check with the ncis in the uk?
    can you just say you don't have a record?

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    Default Re: I-485 Problem, Maybe

    If you lie, you can expect to be caught. The consequence of that will be your being deported.

    As you probably know, drug policies in this country can be draconian. I suggest that you consult an immigration lawyer with the specifics of your case.

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