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    I am dating a girl who came to the US completely legally from the Philippines on her mother's work visa before she went into 8th grade, and she is now 21 and attending college. Renewal for her mother's visa was denied, and she is in the process of appeal, but my girlfriend is worried that it will not cover her status as well. So as of now, she is in some kind of immigrant limbo, but at no fault of her own. We plan on getting married in about two years. What complications may arise between now and then, and what sort of penalties will we need to face once we do get married? Thank you!

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    Default Re: Immigration Status Limbo

    One complication that could arise between now and then is that she might become the subject of a deportation order, or be picked up and physically deported.

    Presumably her mother has an immigration lawyer. See if she can talk to her mother's lawyer about her options.

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