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    Default Lied to the police about address and employment status

    I was arrested and charged with battery after arguing and fighting with 2 guys. I knew I was wrong and was afraid that my family and employer would know about, so I lied to the cops about my home address and said I was unemployed. Now I regret telling the lies, but I don't know what to do and what to expect. Should I retain the attorney to tell him the truth, or call the cop? Thanks for the help.

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    Default Criminal Charges

    If charges are pending, you should contact the court and make sure that they have your correct address on file, and make sure that you know of any court hearings that have been scheduled. Beyond that, before making any statements to anyone, consult a local lawyer. (It's worth consulting a lawyer not just to avoid the possibility of being charged with an additional offense relating to providing false information to the police, but to discuss how the assault charge might be favorably resolved.)

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    Thanks. So I could just keep silence about my employment status, and they won't check that, right?

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