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    Default Workmans Comp Settlement

    My finger was cut off at work. workmans comp kicked in and now everything is over. I only have 60% motion and full re-gain on my index finger. I got a check in the mail that state ADVANCEMENT FOR PPD WITH INTEREST. I have a few questions:

    1.) What does PPD mean? I am assuming Partial Permanent Disability.
    Should I cash this check? If I do will that be a indication that I accept what they are wanting to do and have not say in the settlement process?
    2.) How long can the settlement process take?
    3.) Will I get a lump sum or have say in what I get or pain and suffering, missed wages, ect?

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    Default Re: Workmans Comp Settlement

    1. Correct. I can't read the correspondence that came with the check, or any other information on the check. I suspect that this is a scheduled injury in your state, but as you chose not to follow the instruction to identify your state I can only guess. Run the check and letter past a lawyer.

    2. If the insurance company doesn't want to settle, the insurance company doesn't have to settle. So the "settlement process" can last until your benefits run out and the case is closed.

    3. You will get, if you settle, whatever it is you settle for. Laws and worker's comp benefits are different in each state and you chose not to tell us your state, so we can't advise you of the laws in your state.

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