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    Default Questioning a disabled child at school without consent

    Dont know if this is the right place to post but we are desparate for advice. We live in Maryland.

    We have just been through a 2 month CPS investigation that has come up unfounded and closed. During this time all 3 boys 11, 16 and a mentally and physically disabled 14 year old were questioned at school without our consent or representation.

    I sent a letter to my disabled sons school by letter to put in his file stating that he is a disabled minor and is not to be questioned by any government agency without parental notification and he is to be represented by parent, and/attorney, and/or other person designated by parents. I wrote that not complying with our wishes is a violation of his rights and legal action will be taken.

    School sent this back stating Maryland law prohibits them from excepting this and have to cooperate without informing us.

    Do we not have rights as parents to be notified and have him represented due to his disabilities, he cannot accurately speak due to his mental capacity. I find this outrageous, I need to know what to do to protect this from happening.

    This complaint was started by this childs school due to something supposedly said by him, although school admitted they never believed it. Needless to say this has been an unexpected nightmare.

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    Default Questioning Child in CPS Investigation

    I don't know of any way that a parent can impose such restrictions on access to the child for a protective services investigation. After all, if abuse were occurring, honoring such a mandate would ensure that the child was never free to speak of the abuse.

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