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    Default Moving to another State with SSI

    I have been getting SSI for 3 years now and I reside in new york and want to move to california...My disability is mental illness. I wanted to know if the SSI will transfer automatically to california...Should I inform SSA before I move or should I inform them after I move in to the place in california. What steps do I have to take if I gonna move out of state to california to insure my SSI continue? Also I get medicaid in new york, would I get Med-cal in california since I get SSI or do I need to apply separtely...Do I need to state why I am moving? Do I have the right to move to another state and still get my benefits?
    Oh also I will be living on my own in california, right now I am living with some relatives...I don't know if that matters...

    Thank You

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    Default SSI

    Your federal benefits should transfer without a problem - yes, you would notify the Social Security Administration in advance, such that your payments are properly directed. You would have to apply for state benefits in California, but if you are already receiving SSI that probably won't be a problem. You may find these resources helpful.

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    Default Re: Moving to another State with SSI

    just a quick question How did you make out? did you have to reapply or did they just switch ssi benefits over from 1 state to another.

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