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    Default Coronary bypass and stroke

    My wife had a bypass back in July. From the time the operation started and the time they got her back in the room, it was 14 hours. She stayed in recovery for 8 or 9 hours. The Surgeron met with the family and told us all went well. The next morning she could not tell the difference in colors. When I told the nurse they said this was normal. The next morning she could not speak and they rushed her for tests which showed she had 4 strokes. A cout slipped thru and hit her brain splattering and send two strokes on each side of her head. The hospital people said she was allergic to heperan, I hope I spelled this correct, and this caused the stroke. My question is this, do I have a strong case to sue. My wife can not walk without help, can't control her bladder, can not think right, really our life has been changed completly, I am the caregiver, I can not leave the house, mow the grass, do many of the things I used to do, I am not complaining because I will do for ever if needed, but If It seems like I shoud be able to be compensated. Mistakes were made. Thanks for any help.

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    Default Determination of Liability

    What you describe could be malpractice, or it could be an unfortunate consequence of surgery despite the observance of the proper standards of care. Unfortunately, to get any meaningful assessment of potential liability, you are going to need to have the medical records reviewed by a law firm.

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