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    Default What to do if you think your doctors made mistakes

    First of all i was in a car accident, following the abalance ride the doctors said i was fine and sent me home with some week anti anflamitory medication, after being in excruciating pain for two days thinking it would go away I went back to the hospital and the doctor told me again that i was over reacting and it was not until i mentioned my lawyer for the accident that he gave me some pain meds. I meen it was so bad I could not sit, lay, stand, sleep.

    Next I go to this doctor, chiropractic center and the chiropractor after examining me starts to crack my neck each time resulting in me passing out and puking some times. They said this was normal, it was not until about eaight months later still seeing doctors that they say that is not normal.

    Then i move back to maryland because i can not function or work.
    My new chiropractor decides it is nor a good idea to crack my neck and he refered me to this doctor that I belive is a total quack!!!
    The guy never seemed to be concerned with my well beeing, he performed a emg (i think, its to check to see if their is nerve damage) in five minutes, later I had to have a nother one done because two doctors said the first was not done wright, the 2nd took 4 hours. The dock kept telling me that I was getting better and if you reed his notes he lists so many things that could have been wrong but does not singal any thing out. He did not out sorce me to any other doctors that would help me. He also gave me these strange vitamin shots I think, and he was forign so comunication was a little dificult, I would ask him questons concerning my care and he woud just smile and say ok ok, then one day I came in and he pulled out this nedel and gave me a shot did not explain what it was and did not tell me the effects of it either, i passed out affter and had to be helped down the stairs to lay on a bed for an hour, the worse part is I drove and had no one to pick me up if I would have known this befor I would have aranged a ride. So he indangered me by me having to drive home dizzy and incoherint, the affects lasted till the next day. Latter when I asked him what it was for he said pain, I am confused as to why he would have done that. I eventually quit seeing him. Now with some doctors that actually care about me and my progress have diagnosed me with a breakial plixis injury, a posibility that I may have to have surgary on my sholder for (i think a laberal tear) its been 10 months and im still out of work and I just started doing phsical theripy a month ago. Some doctors just should not be practicing. If any of these look like cases let me know, my curent lawyer will not do any casses like these.

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    Default Findign a medical malpractice lawyer

    If you're looking for a lawyer, try the ATLA directory.

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