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    Default MRI misses brain tumor

    the hospital MRI missed a brain tumor. blood tests were off for 3 years then another MRI showed the tumor and the doctor compared to the old MRI and saw it was there and was missed. it grew due to the MRI being read wrong by the hospital radiologist MD. all during the time i was taking pain meds and pain and suffering as the tumor grew and now its causing me to have to take meds on-going and the tumor may not shrink. what options do I have now againt the original missed mri tumor reading resulting in years of pain and suffering and more years ahead?

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    Default Misdiagnosis of Brain Tumor

    You have a potential malpractice claim, assuming that the doctor(s) who reviewed the MRI fell below the standard of care for the practice in missing the tumor. (And there's a substantial possibility that the doctor did violate the standard of care.) However, malpractice law varies by state, as do the governing statutes of limitation and repose, so you should discuss your situation with a medical malpractice lawyer in your state.

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