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    Default Lien on Ex-Partner's Debt on My Home - What to Do

    California (Orange County)

    Was in heterosexual relationship 4 years. Never married but cohabited 2 years. He wanted us to buy a house together but as his credit was too poor we used my good credit to secure a mortgage and I executed a Quit Claim Deed to put him on the title jointly with myself as a symbol of the lasting nature of our relationship and commitment to each other. I have now learned the hard way that he was con artist who preys on vulnerable women with money!

    ABout 18 months into our cohabitation I discovered that he was in the process of being taken to court for non-payment of a car note on a luxury car and he refused to get legal assistance or attend court. The car company then put a lien on our house to the tune of $60000! Shortly after that I discovered he was being unfaithful with another woman and eventually when I found continued evidence of deceipt and infidelity I threw him out - he went to live with other woman who incidentally is recently divorced with spousal support, lump sum from house sale and a family trust fund! I got a Quit Claim Deed executed to remove him from title.

    Now appears that he is paying nothing towards the lien and says that he will not help me with it - it's my problem. I have just lost my job and have been told that because of the lien being on a home with only my name on the title, it's my sole responsibility and I have no other option than to foreclose as I cannot sell the house as a short sale or anything else.
    Q1. Is there any other option than foreclosure - as this is going to sink my credit rating even more than it'a already destroyed?
    Q2. Is there any way I can make him solely responsible for HIS debt which is actually nothing to do with me (other than that it got put on my house because he lived there and was on title at one time)

    I am distraught and devastated and trying to find some means by which not to lose everything and to make him accountable for his actions instead of just being able to walk away leaving me to pick up the pieces.

    Thank you

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    Default Re: Lien on Ex-Partner's Debt on My Home - What to Do

    You can sue him over the lien; odds are he has no money to pay it off, but you know that better than we do.

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    Default Re: Lien on Ex-Partner's Debt on My Home - What to Do

    so if I sue and he doesn't have the means by which to pay, can I force him into bankruptcy and get the lien off my house that way? He has been bankrupt at least once before and right now I'm staring bankruptcy in the face because of HIS lien!

    The car note was solely in his name and the house is solely in my name now that I have taken him off the title.

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