Hi, everyone I just want advice from you to decide what is the right thing to do. Here is my situation....

I live in El Cajon, CA with a friend. We moved in here in January 1, 2006. We have month-to-month lease from the time when we moved in. Now, we want to move out soon, and I went to talk to the propoerty manager about us giving them 30-day notice and moving out. And I was told that we should wait till the end of April, since we have lived here for only 3 months. and she said,

"my apartment company would not like u moving out after living for only 3 months, and u might not be able to get deposit back, plus that would affect your rental history"

:?: I thought we had month-to-month lease, so I asked her about it. Then, she goes

"it is month-to-month, but we let people move in as considering them living here for 6 months at least. You living here for 4 months would be better than living for only 3 months when I consider about your deposit and rental history"

I understand that we won't be able to get full deposit back because they have to prepare this unit for new tenant, BUT is this situation is the same as breaking the lease, which might cause NO DEPOSIT BACK?? Or do living here for 3 months and 4 months make any differences, if so??? :?:

:?: One more thing, about the RETURN OF SECURITY DEPOSIT.
I put all deposit when we moved in. By manager, I was told that two tenants' (me and my friend) name would be on the check for the return of security deposit because two of us are on the lease. :shock:
:?: Is this right?? I thought I could instruct them what we want such as forwarding address and the recipient of the check to collect this deposit. Could I instruct them to send the check to only one tenant(me)?

I really need help to make up my mind now. I would appreciate it if you give me advice or tell me what you know about this situation.
Thank you very much to all!!