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    Default Subletting with No Rental Agreement

    Hi, all.
    I have been renting a two bedroom house for over a year and I have never been presented with nor signed any sort of rent agreement. My landlord has made it very clear that if I choose to have roommates, I will act as their "landlord," as he put it. I recently got a new roommate and, well, you've heard it all before, I'm sure. Anyhow, here are the issues so far:
    -She has put a lock on her bedroom door without the consent of myself or the property owner;
    -She was short on rent and has yet to pay the balance for March;
    -She wants me to accept a BROKEN computer for the remainder of the rent;
    -She claims that I ower HER money for said broken computer and pc accessories.
    I have no rental agreement with this girl and at this point I am trying to decide whether I would be better off just eating the loss and letting it go or telling her to cram her broken computer and give me the money she owes me. I've been trying to avoid confrontation but it is getting out of hand. So, to get to my real question: If I tell her to either pay up or get out, does she have any legal recourse against me for making her leave? Second, do I have the right to charge a late fee for the balance of the rent for March? She decided to tell me she was short on Feb. 28 after the check was in the mail, so I had to get a salary advance at work and borrow money from a relative to cover the bills. My landlord charges $5 for each day the rent is late... what do you think?

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    This is in what state?

    (And why are you being blamed for the damage to the computer? It sounds like there is a back story here....)

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