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    Default 97/55 Virginia Beach

    My question involves a reckless driving ticket from the State of: Virginia

    I just got a ticket today and I was going 97 in a 55. It was not on the highway. Should I go to driving school before my court date? I am planning on getting a lawyer. I am 18 years old and I have no previous traffic violations. I did get a charge when I was seventeen (not traffic related) but it got dismissed when I completed all of the requirements for my punishment before I turned 18. I am a Virginia Resident. What is most likely going to happen?

    One other thing, on my summons, the officer checked the box for traffic court instead of criminal court. any feedback would be great

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    Get a toothbrush and a lawyer....30 days in jail, $2500 in fines, loss of driving priveledges for 3-6 months, increased insurance/cancelled insurance, $1000 lawyer fees, and possibly more!

    All is bad. Good luck. I will let you know how my 93/55mph goes, but if you have the wrong DA and judge, your screwed. You can always postpone your
    1st visit, and possibly your 2nd, but you will eventually have to face the judge.

    I would guess that the reckless will stick, and hope that your lawyer pleas for a restricted licence. They probably won't reduce your RD to a lesser charge (inappropriate driving, I think), because you are so far over.

    The magic # is 90mph....anything over is real bad in VA. Good luck. Take the state reckless driving course before court....12 hours....4,4, and 4 on 3 different nights at $165, get your speedometer checked $100, and then pray.

    Not good all the way around.

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