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    I'm from Brazil, and I hold a F-1 visa.

    I have been volunteering for a contractor with material purchases, weekly work schedule, contact clients, request payment, and others offices duties.

    Besides that he has been really happy with my help, since he is a contract, having me around open his mind to star a business with gratine. Since I'm from Brazil, speak Portuguese, and have knowledge and contacts with where the brazilian gratine come from, he wants me to serious work from him.

    We found the EB-3 process, but we also found that it takes years.

    1- I wonder if the premium processing really speed the process, and for how much?
    2- since I'm already on the US, would the process go quicker?
    3- At what point of the process can I alerady have the benefits of the GC even not having it on my hands yet?
    4- Also what time of the process I cn start working for him?

    Besides that We have a problem. Inside the EB-3 category We though to apply as a skilled professional, becasue I have experiences with the tasks I would have, and also knowledge.
    By fatehr own a factory that produce and install recessed light. I worked for me father since I was 16 years old.
    On the form DS-158 (Work History) to get my current visa,I did not say anything about this work, since it was a family business and I was just helping my father with the business. Also, my father did not pay me any real wages, and it was not on my brazilian work history (We have like a passaport that everytime you get a job your employer have to sign and stamp on it).

    5- Would this give us any problem with the EB-3 process for people with more then 2 years of experience?

    Thanks a lot

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    Default Re: EB-3 Process

    The problem with getting an EB-3 visa is not the processing time. It's the scarcity of those visas. Premium processing helps with the former issue, but not the latter.

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    Default Re: EB-3 Process

    You are on a student visa. Work is strictly controlled on this type of visa. You need to discuss your situation with the international student office at your university to see if your situation qualifies.

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