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    My question involves business law in the state of: Kentucky

    My fiance is working at a hotel and they are in competition with another hotel on the same street. Right across the street from each other. The marquee at my fiance's hotel reads "We will beat any price the (other hotel's name) has."

    The other hotel called my fiance's hotel and threatened to get the legal team together and file a suit. I need to know what law this would fall under if any. This happened today, and the other hotel is going to file tomorrow morning. Swift response please!!


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    Anybody can threaten anybody with a lawsuit. The threat of itself doesn't mean that there's actually a law that would apply.

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    I'm guessing that the marketing person at your fiance's hotel doesn't have a degree in marketing. Why not just change the marqee? Most marketing professionals recommend against mentioning the competition by name anyway.

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    There simply is NO cause of action. As said, anybody can file suit. But that anybody can also have it dismissed.

    I suppose the one hotel can lower its prices and the other hotel can beat them and they both can go out of business.

    As a tactical matter, I would not name the other hotel. You don't want to give them any acknowlegement. But at the same time, there is nothing legally they can do about it.

    What do they think their cause of action is?

    I know, gross stupidity.

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    99.999% of people who call you on the phone and threaten a law suit are ignoramuses who think they will intimidate you with such an idiotic threat. Hiring a lawyer and suing someone is not as fun as most people think. I'm glad I'm not a lawyer, I'd hate to pick up the phone and talk to jokers all day who think they have a real case.

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