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    Default Nude Models As Superheroes

    Ok, potentially iffy situation. I'd like to shot a model as various famous superheroes. She will be getting nude and profit will be involved. Is there any legal way to word things in the titles and descriptions and such so that it is ok for her to pose as a superhero without copyright infringement? Would putting some sort of legal paragraph on each gallery cover our butts? Like "This model is not actually *superhero*. This model, photographer and website are in no way associated with *Copyright owner's company*.

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    Default Re: Nude Models As Superheroes

    If you want to stick your neck out to get it chopped off, you better talk to an intellectual property attorney first.

    Second, a clue or two. Copyright has nothing to do with it. A copyright does not protect a name or title. That takes a trademark. I am sure that the super hero names you want to use are likely protected by trademark.

    If you use trademarked names, I can assure you, your business and you will be sued into the dirt.

    You might get by with it if you change the names or make them generic enough. I wouldn't want to be your attorney, that is for sure.

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    Default Re: Nude Models As Superheroes

    If you're thinking of using superheroes who are the subject of copyright and trademark, your models aren't the only ones who will end up losing their shirts. If they learn of your project you can expect to be sued, and can expect to lose.

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