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    Default Want to Move Out of Parents' Home

    ok.. im 15 yrs parents separated on christmas eve .. my dad can barely support me or my younger brother, and we are close to losing the house.. we have very little food wise n my friends have been buying us groceries.. i have been missing school to stay home and clean and cook .. im falling behind so imstressed with everything thats going on .. i feel i need to try to get a part time job to support my family but it will hugely affect my schooling.. but i know we need the money... my mom is living w/ her mom again and without a permanent residence I couldnt live with her .. and why would I want to live w/ her anywayz .. my mom is verbally and ocasionally physically abusive... i was glad to have her gone but my dad is becoming a screw up .. i think itd b best if i was able to leave and b able to have a lessstressful lifestyle .. my boyfried age 17 is willing to move in to an apartment with me and provide for me aswell ... i just want sumones advice on if i should try to leave and get emancipation or what i should do instead or how to go about getting it .. i live in brampton ontario canada so ... thank you if you read this... but i desparately need help

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    Default Emancipation in Canada

    I have never been able to find a clear statute or legal authority setting forth emancipation law in Canada or any of its provinces. The conventional wisdom is that in Canada you can set up an independent household at the age of 16 even if your parents object, but I haven't found any legal authority for that position.

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    Default move

    i think u should try moving out for a while and see how it goes

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