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    Default Michigan and Federal Convictions

    I would like to expunge a federal conviction of mortgage fraud and money laundering from my record. I was released two years ago and am currently back in the mortgage business. I have one other conviction on my record from a prior incident in Detroit.

    I was told by my parole officer that I can never visit Canada because of my convictions, but I would like to visit a friend in Toronto.

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    Default Expungments, Pardons & Canada

    Dear Hermes,

    I am not sure whether your second conviction results from a federal charge or a Michigan charge. In terms of a Michigan charge, you can only expunge a single charge, and must have been sentenced or discharged from incarceration not less than five years before applying for expungement.

    Given the facts you present, you do not presently qualify for expungement of a Michigan conviction because you have more than one conviction. In terms of the federal charges, you would have to consider applying for a pardon. To pursue a federal pardon, you should consider consulting with an attorney who specializes in the federal pardon process; however, again there is a five year minimum waiting period following release from date of sentencing or, if later, release from incarceration before you can apply.

    You may wish to consult with the government of Canada to determine whether or not you may legally visit, and whether they can waive any rule that would otherwise exclude you from entry.

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    Default Federal Convictions


    Currently there is no way to expunge a federal conviction. There is a bill that has been introduced that would allow expungements of non-violent federal convictions.
    The bill is H.R. 1434 and it currently has 33 sponsors (as of 7/22/04).
    Write your congress men and ask them to support this bill.

    link to bill


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    Contact your Local FBI and ask.. See what they say, or the DA in your area, they might be able to tell you something else then what they've said here on this site.. Or try that.


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    Default Expungements.

    The FBI cannot give advice on the rules for entry into Canada. The Candian border authorities (the RCMP) may be able to explain those rules, as they are determined by Canadian law.

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