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    Default Not Allowed to Rent Due to Past Actions of a Relative

    My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: Texas's my short story.I'm a single mother&about 2 years ago I was put on a waiting list for some gov apartments in my hometown.When I called to check my status I was told I was taken off the list&was not allowed to rent there due to my brother&his gf who had caused severe damage to one of thier untis.I met all of the requirements&yet have been turned away several times from that location as soon as my last name is seen.Because of that my daughter and I have jumped from home to home from family memeber to family member and now this location is the last place I have to go.What can I do?? I will be starting a new job soon and will be meeting all the requirements once again..the only thing that's ever held me back is my brother's bad decisions..I really need help to know if I can change this so my daughter won't have to go through another 2 yrs of being shuffled.Please help me..thank you.

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    Default Re: Not Allowed to Rent Due to Past Actions of a Relative

    Do you have a highly unusual surname? How did they even associate you with your brother?

    When you say "some gov apartments", you presumably mean housing that is fully or partially funded and/or administered by federal, state and/or local government agencies. See what those agencies can do for you.

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    Default Re: Not Allowed to Rent Due to Past Actions of a Relative

    First I want to say thank you for your time.Now to answer your questions.It is a small town and yes sir my last name is highly unusual.As a matter of fact in the whole state of Texas the only people I have found with the same last name has been family.All I know about the apartments is that they go off of your income so I assumed that's what they were.I just didn't know if she could legally do that or if I should take action.When you say "see what those agencies can do" do you mean see if they can hep me with getting in that location or helping me find another one? The reason I want to fight for this location (if possible) is because it is close to the only help I have for my daughter,close to my job,the schools I would want her to attend&most importantly they are the safest low-income apartments I have found in the surrounding area.If I have to let this go I will but if there is something I can do I would like to do it.It's more than an apartment for would change our life for the better.I don't want to just walk away from something I want so bad when I'v been given no justifiable reason not to have it.

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    Question Re: Not Allowed to Rent Due to Past Actions of a Relative

    Were you living in your brother's unit (the one he damaged) at any time?
    Were you a co-signer or anything like that on his lease/rental agreement?
    Were you his legal guardian?

    I'm racking my brains for a reason how you could be held accountable for his actions...

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    Default Re: Not Allowed to Rent Due to Past Actions of a Relative

    No.It was just him and his gf I didn't have anything to do with it.I rarely ever visited.maybe once the whole time he was there did I come over and we simply watched a movie.I made it clear to her I was complete opposite of my brother and that if she would like to investigate my backgound leading all the way back to school that I've never had any trouble with anyone especially the law with the exception of traffic tickets.I was then told it wasn't her decision that it was her boss that wouldn't allow me to move in with the fear that I would bring my brother back on her premises.I then offered to sign any paper needed stating that would never happen and that wasn;t good enough.She even had made the comment at one point that I could fill out another app. and just hope that her boss misses my last name.I then made a comment about dicrimination and was told they had every right to decide who is and isn't allowed on thier property.I don't smoke,I don't drink&for the most part I stay to myself...I told her all of that and yet was still denied.If she is the apt manager and it's her boss that is the problem then who do I go to?

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