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    Default How Much Rent to Charge My Son

    I receive SSI for my disabled son. I received a letter today stating his benifits have been reduced.
    After the SS worker Drilling me last week about how much I spent on food and how much I charged him for rent, I am assumming I answered incorrectly.

    I had a SS worker help me figure it out years ago, evidently I should have raised his rent and never GIVE him anything!

    There has to be a formula they use. All I know is that my income has dropped. I didn't even think it mattered how much I make. Anyways...

    My House PMT is 950.00
    Electric - around 180-200.00
    Water- 75.00
    Gas - 40 -50 in summer- 100 150.00 in winter
    Insurance 49.00

    I also have cable, internet, phone etc. But SS said that can't be included.

    I told her 275.00 in Rent
    75.00 per week for food
    And what ever was left for personal items and his phone.

    She stated he is not allowed to have any money for personal items and I absolutely NO phone.

    So I am guessing that I did not charge him enough in rent and she feels he has luxury items such as internet and a phone. (Her words)

    Should I simply raise the amount of rent? He is my only child, so there are only three of us in the house. We have a 2 BR/2Bth home. So he does have an equal space.
    I just hate that it comes to this, he is my child! It seems as if I am suppose to detatch myself from him. They know people who live on SSI with NO outside help can hardly afford food yet alone anything else.....

    Any Help would be appreciated.....

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    Default Re: How Much Rent to Charge My Son

    If he's receiving SSI (and not SSDI) then I agree with the SS worker, he should NOT have any luxuries.
    If you wanted babies all to yourself, you should have created them by yourself. Until you do that, children have the right to BOTH parents, especially since you found them suitable to procreate with.

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    Default Re: How Much Rent to Charge My Son

    He is Disabled, he was disabled as a child. I guess as a parent I need to remove myself from the situation.
    He is still a human being.

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    Default Re: How Much Rent to Charge My Son

    You should consider speaking to somebody who specializes in special needs planning - who can advise you as to tools such as a a special needs trust, that can allow you to provide for some comforts without interfering with his benefits.

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    Default Re: How Much Rent to Charge My Son

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    Default Re: How Much Rent to Charge My Son

    Thank you, But I have no extra money to put away. The problem occured when I admitted I use what little I have to make him more comfortable.
    I live pay check to pay check, so truly, if he loses his benefits, we/he can't make ends meet.
    This is my son, not a tenant who responded to an add in the paper.
    He is really a good kid......

    Thank you......

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    You can also read the spotlight on income.

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