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    Default Lawyer Won't Respond

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: GA

    Alright, well I came to site in hope of some help.

    2 years ago I hired a lawyer and paid him $5000 to do my case. Back in August of 2008 I had arraignment and didn't have no problem contacting him and having him come to court.

    Well, he said he was going to try to do this out of court so I won't have to go in front of a jury. Since August of 2008, I have not heard from him. He won't respond to e-mails or phone calls. When I try to call I get the secretary/person at front desk, she asks for my name then puts me on hold for a minute. When she comes back, she either says he is not in or is too busy to take my call.

    I end up leaving a message, but the guy just won't call or e-mail back. It's been almost a year and I am definitely concerned about this situation.

    I need help on what to do about this!

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    Default Re: Lawyer Won't Respond

    13 views, still no reply. I guess this site as is helpless as any other I joined.

    I came to this site help, but from what it looks like, it's just a site to post a bunch of B.S. for the people who really need some help!!!

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    Default Re: Lawyer Won't Respond

    You need to contact your local bar association and report him.

    You can tell him you will beforehand to see if that wakes him up, but do you really want a resentful atty. representing you?

    Good luck!


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