My question involves estate proceedings in the state of: FL, my friends husband passed 5 yrs ago without a will, he had signed a mortgage a month before the wedding, they lived and pd for it as hus/wife until his death. "Jim" had 3 sons from a previous marriage, his widow contacted a lawyer about getting everyhting put in her name. after a year of probate the lawyer said it was done and the house was hers. now without a job and struggling she has decided to sell the home and move on. With a buyer ready to close she was told it was a life estate and the proceeds would go to "Jims" sons. Has she been paying taxes and a mortgage on a home she does not own? Does she have any recourse to recoup the mortgage payments and interest? "Jims" sons had previously signed off on the property, or so she thoought, one even wrote a letter stating he has no interest and it should be hers. Did her lawyer screw this up? She is typical of most and trusted this was done and she owned the home. it is not worth alot ( less than 55K) over the past five years she has pd 30 K in mortgage payments and still owes 20 K, what options does she have if any? Thanks to all who may help this woman