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    My question involves an injury that occurred in the state of: Connecticut

    Hey forum, I'm only 20 and was rear ended. 100% other drivers fault his insurance admitted fault as well as the driver. MY back is really screwed up. I;ve been seeing a doctor and what not. I've been talking with an attorney who specializes in auto accidents.

    I don;t really trust lawyers so my question is he gave me a quote of what he thinks my case might be worth, is there a way I could possibly calculate it myself and weight wether it he's worth 33 1/2 percent?

    Also if anyone else here has similarly been rear ended and suffered moderate back injuries, wouldn't mind PMing me what you settled for? If you don;t mind if you do totally cool.

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    MY back is really screwed up.
    That, is not enough information to be able to evaluate what your claim might be worth.

    Only your doctor can tell you what the extent of your injuries are, what course of action needs to be taken and after most of that is said and done, the other insurance compaby will weigh all that information out and make a decision as to your damages are and what they might offer you in terms of a settlement amount.

    Point is, nobody here can give you an exact number, not even an estimate, and it is highly unlikely that your case will match anyone else's for that matter...

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