My question involves paternity law for the State of: Louisiana

I will be having a baby real soon. I am due friday june 26, 2009. I will be having a baby boy.

The father of my child is mexican and he will not be here for the birth of our son. He is currently in Mexico.

I would like to give our son his father's surname.....not mine.

Some have told me i can name my child with the father's surname or whatever name I want.....and some have said because we are not married (or because he is not here to sign birth certificate) I will have to give our son my surname.

In the newspaper, I see that babies born to single moms take on the surname of mom and I'm afraid it looks like that is what is going to happen with me also.

I know that I probably can't list him as the father on the birth certificate, but as soon as the father is able to come back I will have him added to birth certificate.

But for now is it possible to give our son his father's surname or will our son have to take my surname?

Who can I speak with to get a true/definate answer.