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    Default Court Appointed Atty. $250 for 10mins

    My question involves malpractice by a lawyer in the state of: OREGON
    I got a theft 3, the court waived my PD fee, after the first court date my PD's wife/secretary told me she would send the police report in the mail for me to go over, 2 1/2 weeks later all that came was a Petition to enter a guilty plea.
    On 6/22/09 i went back to court, my PD then told me that I was suppose to have the $75 diversion app. fee/$250 court costs/$100 fine and $250 for court appointed counsel!! I said that I have no job, no money, and I'm not going to sign that agreement knowing that i can't fullfill it
    My PD started getting hostile(from what i got) towards me when i starting asking ?'s about having to pay him $250 for less then 10 mins. of contact.
    I also asked what the court costs(county assessment-which i understand-, LEMI, etc.) Is etc a legitmate fine definition? What;s LEMI? why does LEMI me $250.
    The next day i called my PD his wife/secretary she got mad and hung up on me for mispronouncing his name, i called back she said she was going to look up my file a call back, never did, went to the office the day after that left a not on the board, called left a message, no response.
    Pretty much can he really charge me $250 for 10 mins of time?? I think it's a little excessive and unreasonable??
    Do i have the right to know about specific court costs?, not etc.
    What happened to if you cannot afford an atty, the state will provide one. Since i have no income and had the PD application was waived from day one after the financial info i gave to them came back saying I WAS POOR, how could i suddenly have hundreds off $$ at the drop of a hat.
    I know i went on, and on but iam so lost and feel like the very small town i live in is abusing me for being clueless. any advice would be so helpful. thanks

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    Default Re: Court Appointed Atty. $250 for 10mins

    If the court waived the pd fee,maybe you can request a different one.Just a head up they can waive a lot of the fees,the judge they may still make you pay the fines,they might give you some time thou.

    Try and work w. the one you have,it's gonna be hard just stick to the facts and be respectful.Maybe say listen i'm sorry if I upset you but I was told that the 250 pd fee was waived for me.

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    Default Re: Court Appointed Atty. $250 for 10mins

    how do you get he only spent 10 minutes on your case? He drove to the courthouse didn't he? He talked to your didn't he? Do you think he read your file?

    dang kid, he can't hardly take a leak in 10 minutes and you presume since you only talked to him for 10 minutes, that is all he is owed. You took much more of his time than that 10 minutes.

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    Default Re: Court Appointed Atty. $250 for 10mins

    Some counties pay court appointed lawyers a flat fee for certain tasks performed, or per case. Also, by the hour, ten minutes of "contact" doesn't include preparation time, travel time, or time spent in court waiting for a case to be called. If the lawyer had to submit a bill to the county, it's probably in the court file from your case. If it is, it's there for you to review.

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