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    Question Getting a Diversion Program

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: New York

    5 years ago when I was 18 I was arrested for stealing about $50 from a store. It was the first and only time this ever happened. I don't remember much about the time, but I was given a CD program that I had to listen to and answer questions for about not shoplifting. I thought that by doing completing the CD and test my charges would be dropped, but now I'm worried that perhaps I am wrong? Is this a form of a diversion program? From the reading I'm doing it seems like they are usually actual classes.

    The reason I'm worried is because I have to do a background check for grad school, and if it is going to be on my record I'd rather be honest rather than seem like I'm lying, but I also don't want to say anything if I don't have to. So by completing this CD back then were my charges most likely dismissed? Do I need to worry about this showing up on my background check?

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    Default Re: Getting a Diversion Program

    Idk if it's too late,you can try going to the court clerk and ask for the dispition of your case,the police might be able to check if you have any convictions also.

    You can for about 50 dollars find out your arrest record and if a conviction was entered or if the charge was dismissed.

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