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    Default Domestic Assault Advice Needed

    My question involves criminal law for the state of:

    Ontario, Canada.

    I have been charged with 8 counts of assualt under CCC S 226.

    The incident involves my wife and children.

    For what its worth, I have been taking a medication that I had a terrible reaction to and has resulted in my being charged.

    I am under a bail order not to contact directly or indirectly my wife and kids.

    Through the grapevine, I have been told that my wife wants to have me back home and so do the kids, nobody was harmed in the incident physically.

    I do have a criminal record, with my last conviction dating back 17 years ago, no history whatsoever of violence on my record.

    I will be facing my first appearance on the 29th of this month, I and my family wish to have the bail restrictions taken off me so that we may all seek counseling together and work on this as a family.

    I do not wish to drag my kids into the courtroom at all and expose them to the courts, I prefer to find a way to quietly end this and be able to be with my family and work on the situation together.

    My wife will be at my first appearance and wishes to advise the crown attorney as to my family wanting me back home.

    I have attained a lawyer, but will be meeting with him for the first time on the 29th as I am not supposed to be in the county I am from and am to reside at my brothers some 200 miles away, as per my bail order, so it has been difficult to manage my situation to say the least.

    I was wondering if anybody could advise me on the steps to take to make this end quickly and be back at home where I belong with my family.

    I would be willing to plead guilty if it meant a speedy resolution and that my family could get back on track normally.


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    Default Re: Domestic Assault Advice Needed

    Ontario is not a U.S. state. I suggest that you consult a Canadian legal site, such as legalline.

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