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    Default Seller Potentially Lied on SPDS Report

    Name of State: KY

    I recently (Feb 18 2009) purchased a home with a clean SPDS. The prior owner was/is a general contractor.

    During a rainstorm tonight an area of the ceiling started to have the paint peel and bubble out with water. When I made my way up to an obscure part of the attic (less than 1 foot tall and half as wide)) above the leak I noticed the plywood subfloor (cape cod over a window) and some 2x4s had signifigant water staining ( more than 4 months old).

    The drywall that bubbled/popped/leaked appears to be new and to have a single coat of paint (we know the prior owner had the house painted). We now believe that the drywall is also new and was replaced specifically because of an undisclosed roof leak.

    How do we go about proving this (I've contacted my realtor who handled the transaction, and will also contact the lawyer who closed the house for us.

    Are there any labs that can prove the age of paint and drywall (or number of layers of paint on the drywall)?

    I'm just curious on avenues to proceed (I plan to contact the closing attorney, and others if need be but want to be prepared with the right questions).

    To mitigate my losses I also plan on contacting my insurance company about the damage (drywall and roof) just to see if they will fix it, and then have it done myself if need be.

    Just looking for some advice

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    Default Re: Seller Potentially Lied on SPDS Report

    There are labs that can do a lot of things - analyze paint and try to determine information about its manufacture based upon its composition, examine drywall markings and composition to determine where it originated and to try to determine when it was produced, compare paint and drywall in one area with another to see if they match.... it all depends on what you want to pay for, and how much money is at stake. I once had a really good expert analyze some materials from an adhesive failure. It cost several thousand dollars.

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