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    Default Incorrect Website Order Price

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: North Carolina

    I recently placed an order online for a course I have to take for my profession. The normal price of the course is $415, however on this particular day I saw a course listed for $0.00. I was thinking maybe it was a promotion due to the economic times...maybe they were trying to cut us poor people some slack?? So I decided to place and order....and I did so, I purchased the $0 course and the books for the course totaling my order to $10.00. Within an hour I received 2 emails....a purchase order agreement and a confirmation of my credit card from them. 2 month later they email stating:

    Dear GXXXXX,

    On May 5, you registered for our 75-hour prelicensing course that begins on October 6. The price of the course had not been entered correctly on our website, and as a result, your credit card was not charged the $415 for the course. Let me know if you would like for me to charge that now on the credit card we have on file.

    Also, you did pay a $10 shipping charge, which was charged to your card. Did you want to have the book shipped to your home address? The address I have on file is:

    I wrote them back saying:
    So you mean to tell me...almost 2 months later you want to retract a pricing error order? This agreement should defiantly be honored, it's not my fault someone entered the price incorrectly.

    And they wrote me back saying:Iím sorry we didnít catch it earlier, but we obviously canít teach a class for free. The way we caught it is that someone tried to register and realized that the price was $0, and they knew that couldnít be correct. Iím surprised that you didnít catch that when you registered, but if you look on your credit card statement, you will see that you were only charged $10.

    I'm not sure what legal options I have. I've already taken the days off for the course and this is not my fault! What should I do? Can I sue?

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    Default Re: Incorrect Website Order Price

    Read the terms of service for the website, including anything about pricing errors, and let us know what you find. This seems, however, like a pretty obvious error.

    Both you and this company are in North Carolina?

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