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    Default Recording audio or video of police actions

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    Can I legally record audio or video when a officer is abusing my civil rights. I had a office call me a asshole. he said something about a black shirt. I said I did't know anything. I reply speek to the bartend she would know. he ran my ID and called me a Asshole. 2minutes later a female officer pulls and said shut up asshole. then she said to leave so I walked home. I didn't do anything. I was talking to a lady sitting in her car. I have no proof that officer called me names. I want to know how to protect my self. I call the sherif's info officer. He said it was freedom of speech and officers can use that type of language. Information officer told me to stop drinking and I would have this problem. I'm lucky enough to go out once a month to have a beer. Where do you get a officers code of conduct from?

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    You can videotape or audiotape an encounter with the police. However, if you are the target of the investigation, you can't do so in a manner which would interfere with the police. They don't have to let you hold a camera or tape recorder, for example, while frisking you or arresting you.

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