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    Default Ohio Emancipation from Joining the Military

    My question involves emancipation laws for the State of: Ohio

    my boyfriend is going to be emancipated in ohio because he just can't handle his home life any longer because his mother is crazy and very controlling to put it short.

    i looked up all of the details for emancipation in ohio and my father would never let us get married unless i was pregnant and i know that won't happen. so He has decided to join the national guard as his only way out. how does this all work out if he joins the military? i know that if he gets discharged or doesn't pass the tests he gets sent back to his mother's custody if he is still a minor.

    if he is getting emancipated, joining the military, does he need his mother's permission? will he have to prove to the courts that he can take care of him self? and when he joins, will he have to go to any sort of court? also, when he joins, how soon will it be that he is allowed to be on his own?

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    Question Re: Ohio Emancipation Joining the Military

    Has his parole officer given permission for him to enlist?

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    Default Re: Ohio Emancipation Joining the Military

    By federal law (10 U.S.C., 505), the minimum age for enlistment in the United States Military is 17 (with parental consent) and the maximum age is 42. However, DOD policy allows the individual services to specify the maximum age of enlistment based upon their own unique requirements. The individual services have set the following maximum ages for non-prior service enlistment:

    Active Army - 42
    Army Reserves - 42
    Army National Guard - 35 (changed from 42 in 2009)
    Active Air Force - 27
    Air Force Reserve (inlcuding National Guard) - 34
    Active Navy - 34
    Naval Reserves - 39
    Active Marines - 28
    Marine Corps Reserve - 29
    Active Duty Coast Guard - Age 27. Note: up to age 32 for those selected to attend A-school directly upon enlistment (this is mostly for prior service).
    Coast Guard Reserves - Age 39.

    Applicants may not enlist as an alternative to criminal prosecution, indictment, incarceration, parole, probation, or other punitive sentence. They are ineligible for enlistment until the original assigned sentence would have been completed. He will not "be on his own" until he is no longer in the military.

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    Default Re: Ohio Emancipation Joining the Military

    Yes. He told the mother he will keep him on probation until his 17th birthday

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    Default Re: Ohio Emancipation Joining the Military


    no one is answering my questions.

    [refer back to the original thread] ↑↑↑↑↑

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    Exclamation Re: Ohio Emancipation Joining the Military

    The national guard may not want to enlist someone with the criminal record. And if he is mentally ill (as you seem to think) then he is not qualified for service either. Stay out of this boy's life. Seriously.

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    Default Re: Ohio Emancipation Joining the Military

    Your question was answered, he needs parental permission to join.

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    Default Re: Ohio Emancipation Joining the Military

    you have no right to tell me what i can and can not do. I am trying to help him,
    as in he can't get to a computer.

    he doesn't have a criminal record. His mother put him on probation. that doesn't mean he has a criminal record. Yes he is on probation but has never broken a law and has never been to jail so just don't assume he's a bad kid.

    excuse me and dont tell me what i think because i know that he is not mentally ill. he functioned quite well without medication before. i have known him quite some time. and i have already talked to a recruiter about it and he is very much elligible to join the national guard.

    his mother has agreed for him to join and so has his P.O.
    he turns 17 next may and his P.O. will take him off. once summer starts and he has officially passed the 10 grade that very summer he can do basic training.

    i just had a few questions about when he joins. and you seem to be particularly irrelivantly rude. you have no idea what you are talking about. i wanted facts. not some jagoff's damn opinion.

    Quote Quoting FlyinHawk®
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    Your question was answered, he needs parental permission to join.
    thank you. that is ALL i needed for reassurance.
    just incase his mother is feeling difficult and decides not to agree to it

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    Default Re: Ohio Emancipation Joining the Military

    1 You mother cannot put you on probation. Only a judge can do that, and only after he has been convicted of a crime. That means that according to the laws of this country, he HAS broken the law, and he DOES have a criminal record.

    2 If he is on medication for a mental condition, then his physician has entered a diagnosis code indicating a mental illness. If this is the case, he IS mentally ill, and what you "know" doesn't matter. Are you a Doctor? Are you any kind of a medical professional? What are your qualifications to diagnose/treat this child?

    3 I answered your question. Your b/f is NOT eligible for military service without a waiver until he is 18, and his sentence has been served. It is unlikely that with his probation, age, and mental health record that he will get one.

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