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    Default How Do I Fight 10 Year Old Tickets in Texas

    My question involves a traffic ticket from the state of: Texas

    OK, so I left the state of Texas in October 2000 to move to Alaska. Left Alaska for Arizona in October 2007, and have been here since. Seriously considering moving back to Texas in October of this year, until I got a letter in the mail yesterday from Linebarger, Goggan, Blair & Sampson, Attorneys at Law, stating that I owe $780 for 4 citations received in Leon Valley, a suburb of San Antonio. Now again, I haven't seen Texas in nearly 10 years, so I was curious and called the number on the letter. The incredibly rude woman I spoke to said that these citations, 2 of which are traffic tickets and 2 are FTAs, are from 1999 (again from October-I see a pattern here). She said she doesn't have the citations, and immediately threatened me with wage garnishment, bank account seizure, and warrants for my arrest. I hung up and this morning I called Leon Valley municipal court. The court clerk stated that there was in fact a warrant for my arrest, but could give me no details and transferred me to the Warrant Division and instructed me to leave a message, which I did. I am now waiting for them to respond. In the meantime, what options do I have? I am currently unemployed (mortgage industry) and don't have $780, nor do I have the ability to go to Texas to fight this out in court. I have even filed BK 3 years ago, and been through at least 5 major background investigations with no mention of any kind of warrants anywhere. How is this possible and what can I do???

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    Default Re: How Do I Fight 10 Year Old Tickets in Texas

    How is it possible? Many court systems and law enforcement agency records are finally going online so the backlog of case that was either set aside and forgotten or those waiting to be processed is finally appearing EVERYWHERE. There has been a rash of these cases, not just in Texas but nationwide where people are getting notifications of warrants, Failure To Appears, Failure To Pays, suspended licenses... etc for citations that they thought would have disappeared with the passing of time.

    If you can't pay the citations then I suggest you change your plans about moving to Texas or if you do still go through with your plan, I 1st, would not drive, as your license might be suspended (you should even check on its status in your current home state), and 2nd, don't get pulled over or get into any trouble because if you can get verification that a warrant is outstanding, then they are serious about collecting their money.

    I cannot tell you whether you will still able to contest the citations or not but judging by the letter from the attorney, the threat of wage garnishment, and the inability of the court clerk to give you any further details about the citation, my guess is that you have already been convicted of those violations due to your failure to appear. But again, don't take my word on that. Only the court can confirm that status for you.

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    Default Re: How Do I Fight 10 Year Old Tickets in Texas

    Thanks for the fast reply. I called my brother in law, who is a police officer in Texas and had him run me through the system to see what came up: Nothing. He said that I came out totally clean and said there are a couple of possibilities as to why.

    The city of Leon Valley may have dumped the warrant(s) by now, but they were never deleted from the computer system, OR, and more likely since the matter was turned over to a collection agency, the warrant(s) are active, but not reported beyond Leon Valley itself, meaning that the only way I could be arrested for it/them is if I was pulled over by a Leon Valley police officer.

    Now I am still waiting for Leon Valley's warrant division to call me back to see if the warrants are actually there, and assuming they are, what are my chances of being able to set up some kind of payment plan? Is that kind of thing even an option? I don't remember getting any tickets in Leon Valley, but I'd sure like to see them go away as cheaply as possible.

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    Default Re: How Do I Fight 10 Year Old Tickets in Texas

    OK, I spoke to a Marshall in the Warrant division today. Very nice guy who laid out my options for me: I could remit payment for the entire $780, but if I did that, it would go as a conviction on my driving record, which he didn't recommend.
    Or, I could travel to San Antonio to his office on a Wednesday, and be released on a PR bond and have my court date re-set to the following day(they only do court on Thursdays), and go before the judge and see if I can get the tickets dismissed or deferred, or get a payment plan set up, as I don't have $780.00.

    This sounds about as reasonable as it's likely to get to me, it just means that I will have to miss at least 3 days of work and spend $200 in fuel to get there, and possibly get convicted and have to pay the fines regardless.

    Anybody see any options I may be missing?

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    Default Re: How Do I Fight 10 Year Old Tickets in Texas

    See if you can hire a local attorney to handle the issue, that will likely cost you the $700, but you won't get a conviction, and you won't have to drive down there or miss work.

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