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    Default Legal Definition of Parking

    I'm in south fl, broward county, same county as ft lauderdale. What is or where can I find the legal defintion for parking and standing in the state of florida?

    I just got a ticket for unloading my car in a no parking zone, and the car was standing there for less than a minute. Their so full of sh...

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    Default The answer to my own question

    Title XXII: Motor Vehicles
    Chapter 316: State Uniform Traffic Control
    Section 316.003: Definitions

    (27) PARK OR PARKING.--The standing of a vehicle, whether occupied or not, otherwise than temporarily for the purpose of and while actually engaged in loading or unloading merchandise or passengers as may be permitted by law under this chapter.

    So there you have it. And there I have a citation to fight in court. The ticket cost $72, but the appeal process costs $251 or something around that. Can I request that I be reimbursed for the appeal cost if I am found not guilty?

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    What???? Appeal cost????

    This is a simple parking ticket, right? Any person would classify this as a parking offense. And the state's required to allow you to contest w/o unreasonable costs (a cost of 3x the ticket itself is highly unreasonable). Information should be on the back of the ticket. At the very least there should a phone # to the bureau that handles these matters. Call them up and ask for info on the appeal procedures.

    You have a strong case if you were standing in a no parking zone, which didn't specify "no standing". Unloading materials is not considered parking, but you should check your state and local jurisdiction's definition of a parking zone, whether that also includes no standing. Also, make sure that the definition of parking by the state is consistent with the local jurisdiction's definition, as the local authorities have the right to tack on extra parking regulations.

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