My question involves adoption law for the State of: Alabama

I lost custody of my now six year old son about two years ago in North Carolina because his father and step-mother falsely filed an emergency court order stating that I was a danger to my son. (I know it was false because there was absolutley nothing in my life that they could have said to the judge to get him to sign the order. Basically they lied) Anyway, in that state, when that kind of order is made, there are no questions asked and they automatically come and take the child away, giving that parent a certain amount of time to get a lawyer to fight it in court. When this happened to me, I was too broke to afford yet another lawyer. So there was never a hearing since I couldn't get the lawyer. However, since I couldn't get a lawyer and go to court, they took all my custodial rights and I am not allowed to even go to my son's school or call him or attempt to see him at all.

When his father got this new order, he moved out of state and changed his phone number. I then spent the next two years scouring the internet for any sign of where they all might be. I have recently discovered the in Alabama. I got their number and called them. His father said my son wanted to have nothing to do with me and never wanted to see me again, that he was happy with his life there and didn't want me to be a part of it. Then I got paperwork in the mail from their lawyer stating that they were going to take me to court so my son's step mother could adopt him. I in no way want to sign my parental rights away, heck, I have been in searching for my baby for the last two years! My question is: How likely is it that the court will force me to relinquish my parental rights? I currently live a good productive life, I work and go to school and take care of my new son. I do not engage in any activities that are illegal or immoral, or would be looked down on by any court or judge. Please help, I am terrified that I am losing my son and I have no control over any of it!