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    Question Copyright Law and Nonprofit Website

    A guy that use to work with a nonprofit organization made up a website. The root problem is rather complicated, but there was a board of directors that were all his family(different problem) On the website he had a bunch of information he believed to be correct, but it is not. He was removed from the board 3 years ago, but continues the website, with errors on the content and a way to collect donations (to him :-).


    He purchased the website name of the non-profit but claims it as his. Even on the website he says it is for the nonprofit, but he will not allow the nonprofit to have the web address. Is this correct? He owns it to do with as he likes?

    His incorrect content is problematic but he refuses to correct or take down the website. Any way to force him here?

    We have no idea to determine if or for how much he is receiving donations, but have not been able to get him to take down this page either. People contribute thinking they are doing good, but unfortunately we have no idea where the money goes. Thoughts on how to stop this?

    PS People are scared to death of this guy. He has stolen from other nonprofit organiations he has worked for, and constantly takes people to court to sue for all kinds of things. It is almost like it is his hobby, but this is embarassing, time consuming and upsetting to people that are trying to actually work for the nonprofits.


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    Default Re: Copyright Law and Nonprofit Website

    Report his actions to the police. Misrepresenting yourself as a charity so you can trick people into "donating" money to you is a crime.

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