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    Default California State Board Taxes Versus Automotive Repair Shop

    My question involves business law in the state of: California

    Hi guys,

    My automotive repair business entered an agreement with the California State Board to pay back-taxes for the 2007 year. We originally had a $7,000 outstanding balance (thank you recession) but in the arrangement our business agreed to pay $500 per month. We have not defaulted on our payments and have brought the account down to less than $3,000. The CA State Board called me a week ago, harassing me to pay more money. I explained to them that we had made an agreement and that we had not defaulted in any way. They essentially told me that this did not matter and that they were required to place a lien on the business if we did not pay them more money per month. We have thousands of expenses as it is and can not afford to pay more.

    MY QUESTION: Can the CA State Board change the agreement they made with our business at their beck-and-call? I feel violated because we have lived up to our end of the agreement and they are still treating us with a lien if we don't pay more. Is there anything we can do????

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: California State Board Taxes Versus Automotive Repair Shop

    How would a lien violate the repayment agreement? Granted, given your apparent diligence I don't know why they're being difficult; save perhaps that it's in the nature of bureaucrats applying their rule books.

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