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    Default Selling a Car That's Titled in Another State

    My question involves vehicle registration or title in the state of: TX

    Law gurus: A newbie here; a few facts go as below

    1. I have a car and the title is actually registered in NJ. Clean title with no lien holders.

    2. We moved to Texas a few years ago and we registered the car and got the local license plates. However, the title still is of NJ.

    3. I want to sell this car in TX

    My Qs:

    a) Can I just sign at back of the the title paper to transfer the title without
    an intermediate step of getting tittle from TX state?

    b) What more paperwork do I need to properly sell-off this car? I understand there is a sale-deed paperwork to be done

    c) Do I have to pay (as a seller) sales-tax or the buyer pays? In either cases what needs to be done?

    d) What happens to my license plates? Can I transfer to a new car we bought? If so what needs to be filed?

    Thanks a million in advance!

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    Default Re: Selling a Car That's Titled in Another State

    You were supposed to title your vehicle in Texas within twenty days of moving to that state. If you try to transfer the New Jersey title, it may work but I can't promise that your buyer won't have difficulty trying to register the vehicle. Texas will charge sales tax when the buyer transfers the title, based upon the sales price (or, if that's unreasonably low, book value). You must file a vehicle transfer notification documenting the sale. It appears that you can transfer license plates to another vehicle you own by obtaining a corrected vehicle registration form from your county tax office.

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