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    Default Does Hospital Time Serve As Custody Time

    State: California

    So my girlfriend was supposed to start PC1000, she took to long to sign up so she had to go to court to ask for a longer date so she can get the money together. She was supposed to sign up by the 12th of this month and she went to sign up 3 days late. So now she is going to go to court tomorrow and is scared that they might not give her another chance, and is wondering if when she goes to jail that if she goes to the hospital for her withdrawals if it will count as time served?

    I hope I explained this well enough. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Does Hospital Time Serve As Custody Time

    Generally when you are admitted to a hospital and are in custody. Yes that time does count, because you are still in custody of the system.

    But she will have to discuss this with her lawyer. Reason being every custodial system is different and have different policies.

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