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    Default Is One Month's Notice Always Thirty Days?

    I have been renting from a roommate who is renting from a landlord. When I moved in, I gave her last month's rent and a security deposit. On Feb 20, I gave her 1 month notice that I am moving out. I have paid March rent (even though she has a last month rent) because she is having financial difficulty and I am helping her. First, she says I am responsible for rent to March 22 since Feb is a short month (she is counting 30 days). I think I am responsible until March 20, 1 month after I gave notice--calculated as rent is each month no matter the length of the month. Which is it?

    Also, how long does she have to return my last month rent and security deposit as well as the extra days I paid for in March?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Default Moving Out

    Rent would normally be the same per month, regardless of the length of the month. Here's some official information on the return of security deposits.

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    I believe that CA is unusual in that it allows a literal 30 days notice. Somewhere on that CA DCA website that Mr. Knowitall provided a link to should have the information.

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