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    Default Shoplifting but Never Left the Store

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Michigan

    Im 24 year old college student i recently went into a retail store and picked out two xbox games and a computer game. I proceeded to the appliance section where i pulled out my keys and cut the plastic on the games nothing more. At that point an employee saw me asked me to come with him where he contacted LP and they called the police. I complied with all of their requests willingly. They set a court date as well as a date to be fingerprinted. I told the oficer that i was scared and nervous and had not fully decided if i was going to steal the games. I guess my question is what should i do now? What should i plead? (since i never tried to conseal the games or evade the authorities or leave the store) Im still really scared and i dont know what the best course of action is. Please help.

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    Default Re: Shoplifting but Never Left the Store

    I guess my question is what should i do now? What should i plead?
    You need an attorney. Walking into a court room unrepresented is one of the most foolish things you can do. Aside from trying to steal some video games. Fercryinoutloud.

    If you cannot afford private counsel, go to court on the appointed day, plead Not Guilty, and ask for a Public Defender.

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    Default Re: Shoplifting but Never Left the Store

    the actions you took are all that is needed in Michigan to charge you with shoplifting (retail larceny). Intent was proven the instant you did anything to the packaging.

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    Default Re: Shoplifting but Never Left the Store

    You need a Criminal Defense Attorney - many offer free 30 min. consultations.

    The fact that you tampered with the packaging = unsaleable merchandise. It also shows intent to steal. And your admission to the police that you were scared and nervous and not sure you were going to steal.....that's just more evidence against you.

    If you can't afford a lawyer, plead "Not Guilty" or "I stand mute" and request a Public Defender.

    Even though you are Guilty....pleading so means there is no chance of a plea deal (which you can get if you have a clear record other than this), or depending on your age.

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