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    Unhappy Officers Don't Believe Police Report

    My question involves defamation in the state of: LA

    Not sure if this is the right section but here it goes. Brief story: My wife was robbed, she called the cops, the cops think her and her friend are lying and are saying that if she doesn't call and tell them she is lying by tuesday she will go to jail.

    Full Story:

    Wife and friend were on their way to pay the rent. They went to the atm and got the money out and put it in the console. Stopped to get a hamburger and missed the turn. Pulled into this apartment complex and was trying to turn around in a full parking lot and 2 guys walked up and put a gun to her head(wife) she threw the money at them and pealed off. She immediatlely drove home and called me(im at work). I advised her to call the cops asap. I came home to find the cops being very rude to my wife in my own home saying that they didn't believe anyone stole the money because my wife said they were going to the burger king and her friend said the mcdonalds(they were actually going to both). For the last 2 days these cops have come to our house and I have had to ask them to leave before I called their captain. So now they aren't even looking for the robbers and just harassing my wife saying they are going to take her to jail by tuesday if she doesn't confess. I have NEVER in my life had such things happen. Me and my wife don't even have a speeding ticket let alone a reason to lie to the police. We even have a papertrail to show when she got the money out, and when she called me at work(our business records everything). What can I do about this??? I am scared to call and speak to their supervisor in fear of retaliation...What else can I do?

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    Default Re: Officers Don't Believe Police Report

    If your wife does not want to complain to a supervisor about how she was/is treated, then what do you expect? There is no law that requires the police to act on her complaint, and unless she knows the suspect(s) it is likely they won't be identified anyway.

    For some reason - likely the inconsistency - the police believe something else was going on. My guess is that they suspect a drug deal gone bad. For whatever reason they do not appear to believe that they got the whole tale.

    If she is charged with a crime, she will need to consult an attorney.

    - Carl

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