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    Default Am I allowed to view surveillance tapes?

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: California

    I was recently a victim of credit card fraud in California. The thing about the case was, that my credit card was only used once at a CVS/pharmacy for less than $50. I immediately called the credit card company and they told me to file a police report, which I did. I suspect my roommate used my card without my consent, because of the circumstances. I confronted her, but she denied it. However, because of prior experience with her, I am not so sure. Is it possible for me to view the surveillance tapes of the store? I want to see if it was really her but I don't want to press charges. I also know the exact date and time the purchase was made.

    I haven't been able to find anything about how to view surveillance tapes so far, so now I'm asking.

    I'm not sure whether to post this under retail fraud or credit card fraud.

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    Default Re: Viewing Surveillance Tapes

    Just a follow up. I did ask the manager of the store and they let me see the tapes. I confirmed my suspicions. Thanks for all your help.

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