This is about an Illinois case.

My fiance has just recieved a request to produce at the same time he recieved a petition for adjudication of indirect civil contempt. The court date for the contempt is in the middle of next month, but the request to produce requires a response before that. (in 28 days). Am I correct that the request to produce is necessary before the court date on the contempt case? Also does the request to produce mean that they are going to reevaluate the amount of support owed at the case for contempt, or is this just standard procedure?

Also, the request to produce asks for "All documents in relation to health/hospitalization/dental insurance for the Respondent and/or his dependants". Does this include health insurance information on the child we just had together (since it is his dependant) or just information about the child that the support case is about (the child with his ex girlfriend)?

He also got served with a "show cause order" a few days after the above two orders were sent asking him to show cause as to why he shouldnt be held in contempt of court.